“Greenway Academy”

"Greenway Academy" was inaugurated in Georgia with backing from international allies, marking a significant milestone in the country's ongoing reform of automobile technical inspections. This reform, initiated five years prior, is a key requirement of the Georgia-EU Association Agreement, aimed at enhancing vehicle safety and environmental standards.

Under the terms of an agreement between the Georgian government and JSC "Greenway Georgia," and in partnership with "Applus+," a global leader in vehicle technical inspection operating in 70 countries, Georgia has introduced European standard technical inspection services. This development, leveraging "Applus+"'s vast international experience, has established a new benchmark for technical inspection transparency in Georgia. JSC "Greenway Georgia" employs the French "ACTIA" brand's equipment and software to ensure service quality meets European standards.

In 2019, Greenway expanded its influence by becoming a full member of CITA, receiving its membership certificate in Brussels, Belgium. As a member, Greenway has committed to CITA's core mission of promoting road safety and environmental protection through mandatory technical inspections and vehicle compliance assessments.

Presently, Greenway Georgia leads the market with 32 branches nationwide, employing 270 technicians and controlling 38% of the market share, having serviced over 1.7 million automobiles within five years.

The reform, mandated by the "Association Agreement," necessitates periodic mandatory technical inspections in compliance with Directive 2009/40/EC. Georgia has systematically implemented these inspections, starting with cargo and passenger vehicles, then extending to state-owned and corporate vehicles, and finally encompassing all vehicles registered in Georgia by January 2019.

This progressive approach has yielded positive environmental and safety outcomes, necessitating the development of a new professional cadre of technical inspection inspectors, thus standardizing the profession across the industry.

In 2023, a collaboration between USAID and Greenway Georgia led to the establishment of "Greenway Academy." This initiative aims to elevate the technical inspection reform through the training and retraining of vehicle inspection specialists, enhancing the industry's overall standard. Supported by USAID's "Led Skills Development Program" and partnerships with APPLUS, CITA, and "Technical Inspection for Safety," the academy offers comprehensive training modules, educational videos, and an online platform for training and certification, thereby improving access to educational services nationwide and aligning with Georgia's legislative requirements. This collaborative effort underscores a significant advancement in personnel training within the technical inspection reform, promoting the adoption of European standards across the industry.