Frecuently Asked Questions

Membership categories are granted based on the CITA Membership Categories definition. If the activities of the organization or the CITA membership categories definition have not changed, there is usually no reason to change membership category.
Organizations or persons can join CITA by applying in writing (fax, letter, e-mail) to the CITA Secretariat. This involves: Introductory letter and supporting documents allowing CITA to identify the activities of the applicant organization. (web site, annual report, company brochure, etc…) CITA Membership application form, indicating the CITA membership category relevant for the applicant organization. The CITA Secretariat may ask the applicant for additional information or request an identity confirmation. The CITA Bureau Permanent will then decide if they can grant a provisional membership and membership category. Subject to this BP approval and after having accepted the Articles of Incorporation and payment of the CITA membership fee the organization will officially be granted a provisional membership until the next CITA General Assembly. The CITA Bureau Permanent will then propose the new membership to the General Assembly which will officially put it to the vote.
Employees of any CITA member can participate subject to a written request addressed to the CITA Secretariat, to include them in the participants list. In general, members participate with 1 or 2 persons and additional participants are subject to approval by the CITA Secretariat. CITA members can check the CITA Working Groups Members list to see whom is already registered from their organization. Non-CITA members can participate subject to approval by the CITA Secretariat of a written request.
Any organization or person interested and willing to contribute to the objectives of CITA can become a member subject
  • Compliance with the definition of one of the CITA Membership categories
  • Acceptance by the CITA Bureau Permanent and General Assembly
  • Acceptance by the applicant of CITA Articles of Incorporation
  • Payment of the membership fee
Only CITA Full Members have voting rights. Each CITA Full Member has 1 vote. CITA Full Members, not physically present at the General Assembly can cast their vote by proxy with another CITA Full Member. However, a Full Member may not hold more than 2 proxies.
Login with the username and password that your received from Cita. Go to the top menu item "MEMBERS AREA" and click on "Edit Account". This will bring you to the password change page. Go to "Edit Account" now

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