Co-operation with International Bodies

The meetings are chaired by a CITA Bureau Permanent Member and are held once or twice a year.
Additional meetings may be organized based on important and critical issues discussed by international bodies such as DGTREN and UNECE-WP29.
Future meetings may be extended to other bodies such as CECRA, EA, etc.


  • Oversee future CITA UNECE-WP29 activities inclusive the active participation in UNECE-WP29 GRs.
  • Monitor future UNECE-WP1 movements with regard to the RE1 Resolution
  • Promote finalizing Rule 2 to the 1997 Agreement and harmonization with Directive EC/96/96
  • Extend where justified its activities to other international bodies


Chair: Mr Camille Gonderinger


Mr Christian Bailly
Mr Johan Cobbaut
Mr Wim Labro
Mr Walter Nissler
Mr François Nonin
Mr Georges Verdon

CITA Bureau Permanent Sub-committee Strategic Direction Group Participants and their Contact Details

Key Reference Documents


  • 3rd BPSCIB meeting, venue and date to be confirmed

  • 2nd BPSCIB meeting, 5 May 2008, Porto, PORTUGAL

  • 1st BPSCIB meeting, May 2007, Brussels, BELGIUM

Check the CITA Events Calendar for upcoming meetings or contact the CITA Secretariat for any further questions.