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UK Department for Transport

MOT (PTI) Testing Frequency in the UK – November 2008

The Department for Transport in the UK has published an evidence-based review of the frequency of roadworthiness testing of cars in the UK. It concludes that a pattern of 3.1.1 testing, which is the current pattern of testing cars in the UK, is strongly cost-effective, and they have no plans for making any change, for example reducing to the EU minimum pattern of 4.2.2.

European Commission

Initiative for Diagnosis of Electronic Systems in Motor Vehicles for PTI.
Final Report of the IDELSY Project – 31st December 2005

Reducing the number of road accidents and road fatalities within the European Member states is one of the main targets of European, National and local traffic policies. Achieving this goal has become an increasingly urgent and challenging task with the enlargement of the EU and the accompanying increase in passenger and commercial traffic.
Driver assistance systems and other complex electronic controlled systems improving the safety of vehicles are state of the art. In that context, the project IDELSY, Initiative for testing of electronic systems, shows the possible options for a significant increase of reliability and safety of such systems and therefore the safety of European road transports systems as a whole.

European Road Safety Action Programme 2011 – 2020

Stakeholder consultation towards the development of the next EU Road Safety Action Programme 2011-2020 was carried out by the European Commission between July and December 2009. This consultation comprised a series of 6 thematic workshops as well as an internet consultation and culminated in a stakeholder conference on 2nd December 2009.
Based on the results of the consultation, this background document presents an overview of key problems and identifies priority actions which could be implemented at EU, national, regional and local levels.

United Nations Economic Commission for Europe