The project L&O is been published!

The project L&O (Study on the inclusion of light trailers and two- or three-wheel vehicles in the scope of the periodic roadworthiness testing), has been published by the European Commission. The report is the result of collaboration between CITA, leader of the consortium, CVH (Center for Vehicles of Croatia), DEKRA, IERC (Institute for Economic Research and Consulting) and the Institute of Motor Vehicle Safety belonging to the Carlos III University of Madrid.

As already foreseen in Directive 2014/45/EU, the report analyses the suitability of including two- and three-wheelers and light trailers in the scope of periodic technical inspection of vehicles, and to propose the precise way to do so.

The purpose of this study is to gather factual information, conduct a detailed technical analysis and make a policy recommendation based on quantified arguments of the possible scenarios for the periodic technical inspection of light trailers in categories O1 and O22 and two- and three-wheel vehicles in each subcategory of L vehicles.

In particular, it analyses the impact on road safety in two countries with periodic inspection schemes: Croatia for light trailers and Spain for two- and three-wheelers. Is been demonstrate that the inspection of mopeds in Spain generates a benefit of this initiative is 4.73 times greater than the cost. The part on trailers has been difficult because of the lack of data on accidents and the challenge of obtaining a parameter to estimate their use, since trailers are not fitted with odometers. With all these considerations taken into account the benefit is 6.32 times greater than the cost.

Both proposals avoid the use of additional equipment and do not require amendment of the Annexes of Directive 2014/45/EU.