CITA publishes Recommendations on various issues relevant to in-service vehicle roadworthiness testing.

Recommendations are guidelines for best practices developed under CITA Working groups and encourage standardization. Although English is the principal version, most Recommendations are also available in French, German and Spanish.

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  • R1: Inspection of Vehicles in Categories M, N and O + TN R1: Technical Note on Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles
  • R2: Vehicles carrying passengers (Categories M2 and M3)
  • R3: Relating to the features of measuring apparatus
  • R4: Decisions to be taken with reference to the technical modifications carried out on vehicles in use
  • R5: Inspection of motorcycles
  • R6: Inspection of the installation and operation of LPG equipment for the propulsion of motor vehicles
  • R7: Inspection station equipment
  • R8: Brake testing of heavy vehicles and cars
  • R9 A: Quality system for independent road vehicle inspection bodies not undertaking related activities
  • R9 B: Quality system for road vehicle inspection bodies under the direct supervision of a designated authority
  • R11: Items to be inspected at the roadside, methods of inspection and principal reasons for rejection
  • R12: Verification of road speed limit systems
  • R13: Quality measurement methods for vehicle inspection
  • R15: European database for PTI/RSI purposes
  • R17: Roles of supervisory bodies for vehicle inspection operators (under CITA recommendation 9B)
  • R18: Training and competence
  • R19: Antifraud
  • R20: New Inspection Schemes
  • R21: Port of Entry
  • R22: Guidelines for performing an initial roadworthiness roadside check – in collaboration with CORTE
  •         R23: Guidelines on what should lead to more detailed technical roadside inspections – in collaboration with CORTE


Recommendation 10 is no longer published as its content is now part of Recommendations 1 and 2.

Recommendation 16 on “Performance based suspension testing for M1 and N1 vehicles” and Recommendation 14 on “Testing of electronic controlled systems” are currently being developed.