Last 12-13 of June, CITA actively participated in the International Forum on Child Road Safety (FISEVI), organized in Buenos Aires by the Gonzalo Rodríguez Foundation – Uruguay.

FISEVI is a forum for exchange between stakeholders playing significant roles in Road Safety. Its general objective is to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, experiences and best practices for the development of road safety management in different areas of action from the creation and implementation of public policies to actions led by civil society organizations and/or private bodies.

The forum was attended by government officials from Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay and Chile. Between the main speakers there were the Transport Minister of Argentina, Mr. Gustavo Dietrich, and the Director of the National Road Safety Agency of Argentina, Mr. Carlos Pérez.

CITA was represented by Mr. Marcelo E. Martínez, its chairperson for the Regional Advisory Group Central & South America. In the name of CITA, he adhered to the “Declaration of Buenos Aires for Child Road Safety”.

For the technical presentation, CITA was supported by Applus Argentina. His Country Manager, Mr. Marcelo Ferraro, spoke about how ITV collaborates in the maintenance of vehicles, and the new technologies that are applied in the review processes. This was in the framework of the session “New technologies for safer vehicles”, moderated by Mrs. Elena de la Peña, Deputy Director General of the Spanish Association of the Road.

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