The new EC Mobility Package

The new EC Mobility Package

Brussels, BELGIUM (17 May 2018). The EU focuses on clean and automated mobility, and tightens road safety. It is the new largest EU transport “Mobility Package”, the third and last of this Commission. This proposes for the first time emission cuts for trucks, with a target of -15% by 2025 from the levels of 2019 and then at least -30% by 2030.

Measures are then planned for more aerodynamic and new heavy vehicles tire labeling, as well as an action plan on batteries for electric cars.

The new vehicles will have to be equipped with intelligent driving devices – from automatic brake to speed control, caution and lane to video cameras to avoid pedestrians and cyclists in the dead corners – while also extending to the state roads the current EU security rules only for motorways.

The goal is to further halve the victims of accidents by 2030. Then there is a strategy for automated cars: for 2019 new vehicles will have to be connected to Galileo and by 2022 to the internet.

Despite the package includes concrete proposals to ensure better road safety and to reform the Vehicle General Safety regulation, some concerns raise because it fails to set out a clear legislative pathway to guarantee a level playing field for all digital products and services ‘around the car’, which would ensure that consumers can truly decide who they share their car data with and for what specific services.

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